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Government launched the Tribes India e-marketplace

The Minister of Tribal Affairs of India launched “The Tribes India e-marketplace”, India’s largest handicraft and organic products marketplace. It is a pathbreaking initiative to transform tribal lives and livelihoods. The Tribes India E-marketplace ( is TRIFED’s new venture of making India Aatmanirbhar and self-reliant.

This pathbreaking initiative, showcasing the produce and handicrafts of tribal enterprises from across the country and help themmarket their produce/ products directly, is a major leap towards the digitisation of tribal commerce. These include the inauguration of Tribes India’s 123rd and 124th outlets in Rishikesh and Kolkata; inclusion of new tribal product ranges from the states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh; partnership of TRIFED/ Tribes India with Amazon in their Seller Flex program.

The minister also launched Pakur Honey by Trifed & Tribes India. It is 100% natural honey which is Multi Floral, Forest Fresh, gathered by Santhal Tribals from Pakur, Jharkhand. Vulnerable Pahadiya Tribes produce Pakur Honey. They have produced 3 Tonnes of Pakur Honey for TRIFED. The collection of Pakur Honey is carried out in an eco-friendly manner on sustainable basis by the local youth. Pure Multiflora Honey is collected from a variety of flowers and floras. It is 100% natural made from pollen and nectar collected by bees.


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