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FIRSTIP can also help you with your training needs-either for yourself or your staff. Information, if available at right time through reliable source, it can do miracles. FIRSTIP comprises a pool of qualified experts among its members who impart customized training programmes to cater the requirements of different segment of society from common man to entrepreneurs, scientists to industrialists, students to educationalist etc. We would be pleased to listen from you for our Introductory Lectures on various topics, few of these are provided as below:

  • Role of Intellectual Property for IT Industry of India
  • Biodiversity: A Wealth that we already have but less recognized
  • Invention and Patenting
  • Patent practices in Pharma Industries
  • Got a Bright Idea? Can it be patented?
  • Traditional & Cultural Expressions
  • Home Remedies: A Tradition to Maintain Good Health
  • Innovation in Ancient India: Whether our ancestors were Innovative or it is only Myth
  • History Reinvented: A Scientific Perspective to Indian History in Global Scenario

Whether you are a professional organisation or an institution, you can contact us to organise our Introductory Lectures.

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