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If you are an inventor or working with a new idea, FIRSTIP is a right place for you. We can make your idea a reality. And if you are already working on any idea, we can assist you in your research and experiments. Our technical team can help you to evaluate your idea in order to convert it into a useful product or process. FIRSTIP welcomes also all those people who have interest in developing innovative technologies, to join as members so as to promote the FIRSTIP’s vision of assisting inventors, creative artists and innovators in creation and protection of intellectual property.

We also organise specialised training programmes for inventors and research institutions and offer assistance in conducting prior art searches, drafting and filing patent applications with the help of qualified patent attorneys and conducting feasibility studies.

At FIRSTIP you can submit your inventive idea at no consultation cost by clicking here and registered users can avail the premium services by visiting Inventor Exclusive Area:


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